418 Teapot

If Omni can’t make it?

When I was young (last week! Hah), there were a few companies that I really looked up to. Companies that make beautiful software, really care to be a good citizen on the platform and just be a delight to use.

You probably have some that come to mind. For me it was Made by Sofa, _Blackpixel, Panic, Agilebits and Omni Group.

Most of that list was acquired, closed down, had to change their portfolio or had to expand (Agilebits). They all cared though, great customer support, great quality software that was a joy to use.

Yesterday it was announced that Omni had to lay off a portion of their workforce. Super talented people that had been with the company anywhere from 5 to 25 years. That makes me sad. Because if they can’t make it, what are the chances of a smaller more unknown company that cares about quality making it?

Let’s hope it’s a blip due the state the world currently is in.

On the bright side: a lot of amazing talent available now!