418 Teapot

Chris Carella · When I switched to iPad

So one Saturday I picked up the iPad Pro, downloaded Photoshop, grabbed my Pencil and decided to see what it could do. A few minutes later and I created this

Check out Chris his page to see what he made and the journey he went on.

A few hours later, I was at the Grand Central Apple Store buying the 12.9” as an investment in my art practive.

I think it’s awesome how many of these experiences start with ‘I tried it, now I want it’. A lot people started of hesitant with the iPod, the iPhone (it’s just an expensive iPod with a phone that doesn’t have a keyboard), iPad (it’s a big iPhone), Airpods (haha, toothbrushes in your ears).

I just wish I had a use for an iPad in my life! Maybe when Xcode is available on iOS 14?